'Smart leggings' mean no more fumbling with your phone while you work out

Activewear has made significant strides recently when it comes to style. Athleisure, anyone? But one company's setting out to solve a more functional problem: the never-ending dilemma of what to do with your phone while you're working out. From the early look of things, it's pretty genius.


These Genius Leggings Will Finally Give You a Place to Put Your Phone While You Work Out

Maybe you're like me and find yourself somehow always dropping your phone (more like casually tossing it down on the sidewalk like it doesn't have a screen made of glass). Pockets: Not on clothes when you need them most. But, someday in the not-so-distant future, I won't have to worry about dropping my phone everywhere I go.


These new leggings designed by a full-time college student solve an annoying part of exercise

Women often face the same annoying problem while wearing leggings - there is no pocket for a cell phone. Lume Lifestyle is a small athletic apparel company that developed a smart pocket for leggings. The smart pocket is made of a touch-responsive, mesh fabric.